Telling Tales

Runtime: 34 minutes

Michelle is Miss Brown's favourite girl. She never gets into trouble, but is always telling tales, real or imaginary on the other girls, especially on Kelly..

In the beginning we see poor Kelly receiving the last strokes of a severe caning, which she is getting because Michelle told lies to Miss Brown. When Kelly is allowed to leave, Michelle is waiting for her, and she tells Kelly that she must do her homework as she Michelle is going out, and wont have time. She threatens to get her into trouble if she doesn't cooperate. Next day Kelly hands the completed homework over, but Michelle isn't satisfied with it, and goes off to tell more lies to Miss Brown, who sends for the unfortunate Kelly and proceeds to punish her. The spanking that she receives is very hard, as is the strapping that follows it.

When Kelly continues to deny her guilt, Miss Brown becomes really incensed, and give the naughty girl several smacks on the backs of her thighs, which really drive the lesson home. The strict teacher is furious, and tells the poor girls that the twenty four strokes of the cane that she received the last time she was punished, obviously didn't teach her a lesson, so this time she is to receive thirty hard strokes. As the cane descends on Kelly's sore bottom Michelle is watching and gloating, but she doesn't realize that her little game has been uncovered.

Miss Brown sends for Michelle, and confronts her with the information that all the things she has said in the past have been a pack of lies. Now it's Michelle's turn to feel the full weight of Miss Brown' anger, and she doesn't intend to spare the wretched girl from a well-deserved punishment. The spanking that begins the punishment has the pampered girl in tears, and because she is not used to having her bare bottom spanked, she not only protests, but tries to protect her bottom with her hands. Miss Brown knows how to deal with this kind of behaviour, and gives the naughty girl several smacks on the backs of her thighs, which makes her howl even louder.

Miss Brown then orders Michelle to bend over the high stool where she administers a sound and prolonged strapping on her red, sore bottom. All the while that this is happening, Kelly is seen watching and gloating, knowing that Michelle is receiving all that she deserves, but of course her punishment would not be complete without a severe dose of Miss Browns swishiest cane the final twelve strokes are administered, whilst Michelle is bending over and touching her toes. At the end, she promises never to tell tales again.

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